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Dámaso Hernández A.K.A. DAMASÓNICO

Production Sound Mixer, Spain

After more than two decades in the Spanish film industry, I´m a seasoned sound professional recognized for my  versatility and technical excellence. Transitioning from a succesful period as a boom operator to a dedicated Production Sound Mixer, my hard passion for premium sound and adaptability defines my commitment to delivering top-tier audio quality and enhancing production values.

With over 20 years in the Spanish film industry, I am an experienced sound professional recognized for my adaptability, technical expertise and diverse portfolio across films, series, commercials and international productions. Esteemed and respected, I´ve earned a reputation for my expceptional skills and comprehensive Knowledge.

After more than two decades as a boom operator, I´ve spent the last few years transittioning into the role of a Production Sound Mixer, revitalizing my career path. Prioritizing continuous improvement, my passion for sound fuels my dedication to delivering top-tier sound quality and elevate the overall production value. Meticulous attention to detail and adaptability in diverse on-set situations make me a sought-after professional. Renowned for my good-natured approach to work, collaborative spirit, and outstanding technical abilities, I´m highly regarded among peers. My commitment to my craft and enhancing every project I undertake positions me as a valuable asset in the filmmaking community.

This shift reflects my dedication to personal and professional growth, embracing new challenges with fervor and expertise. I continue to steer my career with passion and proficiency, maintaining a leading position in the industry.

With a strong background as a Boom Operator and a renewed focus on Production Sound Mixing, I am poised to contribute significantly to the world of cinema. My journey is a testament to my talent, fervor and unwavering commitment to excellence. 


"If seeking a Sound Mixer, I highly recommend considering Damasonico; his exceptional skill and unwavering passion for sound set him apart."
"Damasonico consistently demonstrates exceptional professionalism and expertise, delivering unmatched top-quality sound in every project."
Nico Tapia
Producer & Line Producer, Spain