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Rock Solid Sound Gear

I take great pride in my top-tier sound system—it’s reliable and high-performing, ensuring audio excellence. Maintaining RF integrity adds to my satisfaction, underlining my commitment to top-notch productions. I couldn’t do it without this first-class system.

Sound Gear Gallery

Sound Equipment List Overview

Sound recorders

Sound Devices 888 – 20 tracks digital recorder

Sound Devices 633 – 8 tracks digital recorder

Boom poles

Ambient  – XL boom pole

Ambient – Medium boom pole

Vdb – XL Boom pole

Vdb – Baby boom pole


Sanken CS3e – shotgun mics

Sanken CSM1 – Extra short shotgun mics

Shoeps CMC1mk41 – Supercardioid mics

DPA 4097 – 2x micro shotgun mics

Sanken Cos11D – 6x lavaliers

DPA 6060 – 2x lavaliers

DPA 4060 – 2x lavaliers

Countryman B3 – 4x lavaliers

Primo Pluggy XLR – Stereo paired microphones

Wirless Systems

Lectrosonics Venue – 6x rack Rx channels

Lectrosonics DSR – 2x dual digital Rx channel

Lectrosonics UCR411A – 6x individual Rx channels

Lectrosonics HM & HMA – 3x plug-on Tx´s

Lectrosonics Smqv – 1x bodypack Tx

Lectrosonics Smdb – 2x bodypack Tx´s

Lectrosonics Smda – 3x bodypack Tx´s

Lectrosonics Sma – 1x bodypack Tx

Lectrosonics Sm – 1x bodypack Tx

Iem´s (In ear monitor system)

 Up to 15 iem´s 

Sennheiser G4 Iem´s Rx´s

Sennheiser G3 Iem´s Rx´s

Sennheiser Ew 300 IEM G3

Sennheiser Hd25 – Dir. & Script S. Headphones

Sennheiser Hd218 – Guest Headphones

Jlab – Guest Headphones

Camera hoops

Sennheiser G4 & G3 camera hoop Tx´s

Sennheiser G4 & G3 camera hoop Rx´s

Time code

Ambient Nano Lockits – 4x time code boxes 

Tentacle Sync – 2x time code boxes

Sound carts

Sound Cart – Fightcase custom made sound cart 

Züca All Terrain – Mini sound cart

Züca All Terrain – Mini follow cart 

Rock n’ Roller – Follow Cart 

Power Feed System

Audioroot – 2x Power distributors

Audioroot – eSmart Batteries

U Power – LiFepo Batteries

Grips & Accesories

Manfrotto – Magic arms

Small Rig – Magic arms

Manfrotto – Antenna masts

Standley – Suction limpet

Boom Stand

Boom Box

Microphone stands & tripods

Other equipment

Playback system 

Voice of God

Feelworld – 2x reference video monitor system

Custom Sound Gear For Your Project