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Explore my Sound Services: I’m your dedicated sound mixing professional, ready to enhance your project’s audio, be it for films, TV series, or advertising. Whether your project is grand or small, local or international, my experience guarantees top-tier sound quality for your ultimate success.

Production sound recording

Specializing in production sound mixing for films, series, and commercials, my focus is on capturing clear, high-quality audio directly on set. I handle dialogue, ambient sounds, and effects to create a seamless, immersive viewer experience. Ensuring pristine direct sound is essential as it forms the foundation for top-notch audiovisual productions. The use of cutting-edge sound equipment is also crucial in delivering exceptional sound quality

Sound equipment rental

Equip your production with premium sound gear. I offer a wide range of rental options for your production needs and sound engineers, ensuring you have the tools you need for top-quality audio.

Sound design and postproduction

Collaborating with a team of experts, I breathe life into your audio. While my expertise lies in location sound recording, I can provide comprehensive sound design and postproduction services through my trusted collaborators to craft immersive soundscapes for your projects.

Sound location Scouts

I offer assessment services for locations proposed by productions or location scouts, ensuring they meet optimal sound recording standards. I evaluate locations to ensure they are suitable and conducive to high-quality sound, catering to sound technicians unable to conduct location scouting for their projects.

Boom Operating

While I am currently focused on working as a location sound engineer, my passion for being on set and in the action still motivates me to occasionally take on roles as a boom operator. I possess extensive experience in this role for international productions in Spain and remain open to new opportunities. My goal is to offer support to both service and international production companies operating in Spain, or to production sound mixers seeking an experienced boom operator knowledgeable in both the Spanish industry and major international projects. If you require a skilled boom operator for your project, I would love to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Thank you for exploring my sound production services. From on-set audio capture to post-production, I am committed to delivering first-rate sound results that enhance the visual narrative of every project. I look forward to collaborating with you in creating impactful and memorable audio for your audiovisual productions!

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